Desert Tiger 5: UAE and Malaysia conclude joint military exercise

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Malaysia concluded joint military exercise “Desert Tiger 5” aimed at sharing expertise and enhancing joint military actions in Dubai, UAE.

The military exercise was implemented within framework of UAE leadership’s continued desire to support and create unique partnerships between both countries in all areas.

Key Facts

The military exercise was aimed at raising level of performance and combat efficiency and working together between both countries based on strategy to improve the overall ability and combat readiness of ground forces. It highlighted the success of plans to build their skills and capacities of armies of both countries.

It also aimed at sharing experience and increased military action between two countries. Its objective was to reach general level and combat readiness of ground forces and professionalization in dealing with modern weapons and weapons in different environments of operational areas.

The joint exercise reflected interest and concern of General Command of Armed Forces in improving their capabilities and fighting skills consistent with clear strategy and contributing to the development of the capabilities and capabilities land forces of both countries protecting the country’s bottom-hunger.

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