Air Force Current Affairs - 2019

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China inducts largest homegrown Y-20 military transport plane

China inducted its largest indigenously-built transport aircraft named as Y-20, marking a crucial step in its Air Force history for improving its strategic power projection capability.

It is also considered as a breakthrough for Chinese defence sector especially in military aviation technology which will allow the world’s largest force to transport cargo and troops over long distances in diverse weather conditions.

Key Facts

  • The indigenously designed and developed Y-20 officially joined the PLA Air Force in Chengdu.
  • It is ideal for transporting cargo and personnel over long distances in diverse weather conditions. It has a maximum take-off weight of 200 tonnes.
  • The plane is comparable to the Russian-made IL-76 and US made C-17. It is more advance than the IL-476.
  • Its induction will make easier for Chinese PLA to deploy troops, enable military to act more promptly and respond to emergencies in a better manner
  • The Y-20 had undergone its maiden flight in January 2013 and since then it had undergone trials runs, including in the rugged Tibetan terrain,
  • It had made its debut at the 10th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in November 2014.

Pakistan tests 1st indigenous armed drone Burraq and laser guided missile Barq

Pakistan successfully tested its first indigenously built all-weather armed drone named Burraq and a laser guided missile named Barq.

By successfully testing of Burraq, Pakistan became the 9th country in the World to develop an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) domestically.

About Burraq

  • Dveloped by a venture of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the National Engineering and Scientific Commission (NESCOM).
  • It is named after the flying horse of Islamic tradition.
  • Burraq has ability to fly in all types of weather conditions.
  • It has capability to strike its targets with pinpoint accuracy.
  • With Barq laser-guided missile mounted on it, Burraq can hit moving targets as well as stationary targets with pinpoint accuracy.
  • UCAV Burraq was first flight tested in May 2009.

At present, Pakistan has several types of unarmed surveillance drones in operation but Burraq and Shahpar are its domestically developed UCAVs.