India Current Affairs - 2019

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Indian Army Mountaineering Expedition to Mt Makalu claims discovery of footprints of snowman ‘Yeti’

Indian Army posted photographs of “mysterious footprints” that measure about 32×15 inches, on Twitter claiming that its Mountaineering Expedition team to Mt Makalu (8485m, is 5th highest mountain in world) sighted “the mythical beast Yeti”.


  • It is a mythical creature who is believed to exist in Himalayan areas of India, Nepal and Tibet.
  • The term “Yeti” is taken from Nepali dictionary which means ‘abominable snowman’. It is also known as ‘Meh-The’ in Tibetan folklore.
  • Yeti has many proposed characteristics, like according to urban legends, it is a two legged white, shaggy ape-like animal and is described to be about 10-20 feet tall. While according to locals, it resembles a race of wild, hairy men found in the “wildest and most inaccessible mountains”.

Existence Proof

  • The debate on Yeti’s existence is going on since last century.
  • There is no authentic evidence of its existence. Since it has never been sighted or captured, and most scientists believe that no such creature exists.
  • In 1921, British explorer Charles Howard-Bury claimed to have found footsteps of Yeti near Lakhpa La pass (or Lhagba La is about 7km northeast of Mount Everest in Tibet Autonomous Region) while on an expedition in Himalayas.
  • In 2013, the National Geographic released a documentary on ‘legend of Yeti in Himalayas’. Although Yeti has already been recreated several times in popular culture, folklore and cartoons.
  • In 2019 debate has resurfaced again when Indian Army has claimed it discovered fresh “mysterious footprints” of Yeti during an Army expedition.

India to mark its presence at 58th VENICE BIENNALE 2019

India will mark its second appearance world’s oldest Biennale Art event to be held in Venice, Italy. This year 2019 is its 58th session in which, 16 out of 400 Haripura session posters will go up on walls of India pavilion at 58th Venice Biennale.

Many countries such as Pakistan and Ghana will host pavilions for first time.

India’s Participation

  • India is participating in event after a gap of eight years.
  • This will be only second time India will have a pavilion of its own at Venice Biennale.
  • India decided to showcase Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi to ensure a memorable show at art event. India’s pavilion will be putting 16 Haripura posters on its walls.
  • The task force for Arts of the Confederation of Indian Industry, will be propelled by Kiran Nadar Museum of Arts (KNMA), and seven Indian artists will be shown at India Pavilion
  • The Ministry of Culture, Government of India has laid down theme for the Indian Pavilion as ‘150 years of Mahatma Gandhi’.
  • In 1938, Mahatma Gandhi commissioned Indian modern artist Nandalal Bose to create 400 posters portraying different aspects of Indian life to be displayed at Indian National Congress’ session in Haripura, Gujarat.

58th Venice Biennale 2019

  • Duration: It will take place for 6 months period from 11 May 2019 till 24November 2019.
  • Theme for Biennale 2019 is ‘Our Time for a Future Caring’.
  • The 58th International Art Exhibitions overarching title is ‘May You Live In Interesting Times’.

The Venice Biennale

  • It is one of the biggest art events in the world, inaugurated in 8195 and organized by Biennale Foundation. It is a Biennial event means it is held every two years.
  • It focuses on contemporary art, and includes events for art, contemporary dance, architecture, cinema and theatre.