Machine learning Current Affairs - 2019

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MeitY and Google launch ‘Build for Digital India’ programme for engineering students

Tech giant Google and Union Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) launched ‘Build for Digital India’ programme for engineering students. Google and Meity have signed a statement of intent for rolling out the programme.

About ‘Build for Digital India’ programme

Objective: The programme will offer a platform to engineering students for developing market-ready, technology-based solutions that addresses key social problems.

Process: Applicants will take part in online and offline learning opportunities on key technologies which includes Machine Learning (ML), Cloud and Android that will be offered by Google’s Developer Student Club network and other Google Developer networks.

Google will also offer mentorship sessions in strategy, product design and technology to most promising products and prototypes.

Focus Areas-

Addressing key social problems:

As part of programme, engineering students across India will be invited to present their ideas and solutions in areas such as education, agriculture, healthcare, women safety, infrastructure, smart cities, smart mobility and transportation, environment, accessibility and disability as well as digital literacy.

AI can help address the toughest social challenges of India:

Advanced new technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) can help address at scale some of toughest social challenges that India faces today.

Significance: This initiative will not only motivate college students across India to innovate but will also produce some good technology solutions for some major social challenges of India.

It will also inspire and equip young engineers with technical and entrepreneurial skills and mentorship they need to turn their bright ideas into tomorrow’s breakthrough solutions.

CARE4U app:  for elderly people developed by IIT Kharagpur team

To help geriatric care, students of IIT Kharagpur have developed an application called CARE4U that connect the caregiver to the elderly person. It will inform the caregiver when elderly person falls down with exact location.

About CARE4U

It is an android-based app that will connect caregiver to elderly person. By using the network-based fall detection algorithm in CARE4U app installed on phone of elderly can detect whether elderly has fallen down.

If there is a fall, app automatically calls caregiver and emergency services along with providing exact location of elderly person.

Features of CARE4U App

Mood Index: App can also detect emotions as whenever elderly opens the app the phone takes his picture and a mood index is calculated. This index detects whether person is sad or not and automatically updates caregiver with time stamp. Thus caregiver can check what mood senior citizen has been through in day.

Cognitive Intelligent Chatbot: To make mood index feature more effective IIT team has developed a cognitive intelligent chatbot for elderly person to engage with. For instance chatbot can recommend a motivational quote or an old song when the person is sad.

No cloud service: Best thing about app is that except for chatbot, all other machine learning models run on mobile itself i.e. no cloud service is needed. This implies that even if there is no internet connection, all other features such as fall detection, emotion detection will work.

Medicine Reminder: It also has a record of medical histories, allergies’ account, an SOS (emergency) button, real time location tracking and also has Medicine Reminder feature to remind both elderly as well as caregiver that it is time for former to take medicine.