WhatsApp Current Affairs - 2019

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NITI Aayog launches 4th edition of Women Transforming India Awards

NITI Aayog launched fourth edition of Women Transforming India (WTI) Awards. Nominations for the awards will be opened immediately after the launch. The theme for this year’s award is ‘Women and Entrepreneurship’, in continuation of the theme for WTI Awards 2018. WhatsApp has collaborated with NITI Aayog for WTI Awards 2019 and will be providing support amounting to US $100,000 to award winners. Nominations for the awards will be opened immediately after the launch

About Women Transforming India (WTI) Award

It is being organized annually by NITI Aayog in collaboration with United Nations to recognize women entrepreneurs from across India. It has been launched under Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP). It aims to recognise and celebrate stories of exemplary women from all over India.

Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP)

It is initiative of NITI Aayog to promote and support aspiring as well as established women entrepreneurs in India. It aims to assist and handhold these women entrepreneurs in their journey from starting to scaling up and expanding their ventures.


(i) To transform the entrepreneurial ecosystem for women entrepreneurs in the country.

(ii) To become one-stop resource centre for Indian women entrepreneurs.

(iii) Provide single platform for meeting and working in collaboration for various stakeholders in the entrepreneurial space.

Partner Organisations of WEP: It has more than 5,000 women entrepreneurs registered on its platform, more than 30 partners and, has committed funding of more than US$10mn for these startups. Google, UN India Business Forum, SIDBI, NIC, NASSCOM, CRISIL, WEE Foundation, SEWA bank, MannDeshi Foundation etc. are the partners.

Manipur man detects WhatsApp bug, enters Facebook Hall of Fame 2019

Zonel Sougaijam, a civil engineer from Manipur was included in Facebook Hall of Fame 2019, for detecting a WhatsApp bug that violated privacy of a user.

Key Highlights

  • Facebook, the social media giant honoured 22-year-old Mr. Sougaijam, by including him in Facebook Hall of Fame 2019 and also awarded $5000.
  • His name is currently at 16th position in a list of 94 people who are included in Facebook Hall of Fame for this year.
  • WhatsApp Bug: During a voice call via WhatsApp, the bug instilled used to allow caller to upgrade it to a video call even without the authorisation and knowledge of receiver. The WhatsApp caller was then able to see what other person on receiving end is doing, thus violating the privacy of receiver.
  • Sougaijam discovered this bug and reported the matter in March 2019 to Bug Bounty Program of Facebook, which deals with matters of violation privacy. The Facebook Security team acknowledged his report and its technical department fixed the bug within 15-20 days.
  • Facebook, the social media giant is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who purchased WhatsApp messaging service in February 2014 for a staggerring $19 billion.