World Current Affairs - 2019

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Ghani is new Afghan President

Ashraf Ghani has been sworn-in as the new President of Afghanistan after Mr. Hamid Karzai. His oath taking marks the first ever peaceful transition of power in the terror hit nation. Afghanistan has been grappling with terrorism and has been a continuous victim of extremist activity. The ruling government in the nation was also under lens for rampant corruption.

Ashraf Ghani who had been involved in an intense election battle with Abdullah Abdullah amid charges of serious election fraud and voting manipulation, has finally come to power after coming to talking table with his rival candidate Abdullah Abdullah and signing a power sharing agreement. The latter has called for creation of a new position of Chief Executive Officer with powers parallel to the prime minister. All the senior positions in the central government will also be equally shared and divided amongst the two parties. The agreement has allayed the fears of more strife and unrest in the nation. The change of government at the centre is expected to dawn a new era in Afghan political and civil life. The outgoing President Hamid Karzai always had a bumpy relationship with the US all through his Presidency.

The new President comes loaded with the inherent set of troubles and anti-government sentiment harboured by the notorious Al-Qaeda and Taliban. There were reports of four isolated incidents of suicide attacks in different places. In one incident a bomber attacked a police check post near to the Presidential palace in Kabul, killing four police officers and in another 3 bombers stormed killed more Afghan policemen in the eastern province of Paktia. The remaining NATO forces are expected to leave the country by end of the year, will pose a grave challenge to the government in demonstrating effective governance.

Hong Kong Tense

Thousands of pro-democracy protestors have chosen to remain grounded and not leave the protest site beating all attempts by the government to coerce them to leave. The protestors who are majorly young have staged an extraordinary revolution for democracy and ending Chinese domination. They are largely peaceful and hence the ruling government seems to have been locked in a tight situation.
The protests have brought the financial capital of Asia to a grounding halt. They have occupied all the strategic roads, government buildings and parks in the heart of the city.

Police have made many attempts to dislodge them by resorting to use of tear gas , batons and pepper spray which led to bad clashes between the students and the authorities. The violence left 40 people injured but failed to dismantle the crowd and evict the protestors. The government of Hong Kong tried a conciliatory approach with an aim to win over the young minds. It pulled back the riot police and asked the protestors to disperse peacefully and restore normal traffic along roads. However, the protestors are not ready to budge and are adamant on their stand.There are apprehensions of heavy crackdown on protestors by police.

The protest has been staged by a young activist named Joshua Wong who has been named as an extremist by the Chinese government.